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About Us
Paid On Results is an online performance marketing company. We enable your favourite websites to earn essential revenue in several different ways, such as by displaying adverts or by telling you about different products or services. Without this revenue stream which we provide, website owners may no longer able to run their website or be forced to charge a fee to visitors. We all love the fact that so much information and so many services are readily available free online. By helping to create a revenue stream for website owners, companies like ours allow that to continue.
About Cookies
In order to operate we use cookies. Cookies are small harmless text files stored by your web browser which websites use to remember information. They have been around for a long time, dating all the way back to 1994. Think of them as a small post it note attached to a website.
How We Use Cookies
In our cookie we store an anonymous, randomly generated string of numbers and letters. This is simply used to remember if a link, such as a banner advert, belonging to one of our clients was clicked. This means we can then pay the website owner that essential revenue we talked about earlier. No information concerning pages or products which were simply viewed is ever remembered in the cookie.
We don't know your name, where you live, your age, your favourite pizza topping, where you went on holiday last year or your hobbies! In fact, we know nothing about you. Nor will we ever ask for that information.
Your Right To Choose
We respect your privacy and our company is registered under the Data Protection Act (Registration Number: Z8456502). The information we store in our cookies is not shared with any third party companies. You can make your own choices concerning cookies and by using the tools in your web browser you can choose to delete and/or permanently block cookies. Cookies are used for a number of different functions - for example we all take for granted that our favourite social networks or webmail automatically logs us in each time we visit without having to remember our passwords. That happens thanks to cookies.
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